ATM Surveillance Solution

What is the Problem?

ATMs are widely-used machines that dispense cash, which makes them prime targets of theft. Common methods by thieves include:

  • Stealing the entire ATM
  • Physically vandalizing & damaging the machine to access the cash inside
  • Assaulting ATM users to steal the money they just took out
  • Threatening victims with violence to coerce them into dispensing money using their accounts
  • Tampering with the ATM’s maintenance ports to hack into the system
  • Installing fake card slots or “skimmers” on top of card slots to obtain card information

Many ATMs have security cameras nearby to monitor, but these cameras are visible and can be easily destroyed and disabled to prevent any evidence of crimes.

Proposed Solution

IP Pinhole Board Cameras

Pinhole board cameras are tiny security cameras that can be installed in ATMs to provide discreet but effective surveillance. Their size makes them unnoticeable so they can record any incidents without the threat of being detected and disabled.


Discreet Surveillance

The small size of the camera goes unnoticed and provides discreet but effective surveillance.

Customizable Design

The pinhole cameras are able to be customized to fit any size and type of ATM for a seamless design.


The cameras are able to be integrated with existing surveillance systems for easy adoption and operation.


The discreet size allows the camera to be easily hidden and resistant to tampering and damage.

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