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Audio Surveillance Systems

Need to record audio in your facility? We carry an assortment of audio surveillance systems, designed to suit all types of environments and surroundings. Each system comes with a microphone (some may include a speaker), interface box, power supply adapter, RCA patch cable as well as warning labels. Having an audio surveillance system will complement your video security system and provide you with the ultimate security experience.

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  1. ETS SM5

    Single Zone Audio Surveillance Kit, designed to connect to:, video recorder,CCTV monitor (with a built in speaker), remote monitoring equipment

    Model No : ETS SM5

    Regular Price: $77.12

    Special Price $56.30

  2. ETS SMI5

    ETS SMI5 4 zone audio surveillance kit,connect to video recorders,connect to audio recorders ,connect to remote monitoring equipment,connect to CCTV monitors (with built in speakers)

    Model No : ETS SMI5

    Regular Price: $236.84

    Special Price $172.89

  3. ETS SM5-EA

    Audio Surveillance Kit, Power Over Ethernet I/P Cameras

    Model No : ETS SM5-EA

    Regular Price: $88.74

    Special Price $64.78

  4. ETS SM5-M2

    Expanded single zone, audio surveillance kit

    Model No : ETS SM5-M2

    Regular Price: $156.34

    Special Price $114.13

  5. ETS SM5-EQ

    Equalizer/DVR, interface single zone, audio surveillance kit

    Model No : ETS SM5-EQ

    Regular Price: $148.90

    Special Price $108.70


    Professional Grade microphone, and Pre-amp, Equalizer, Compressor, Limiter, DVR interface single zone audio surveillance kit

    Model No : ETS SM5-EQ-PRO

    Regular Price: $367.47

    Special Price $268.25

  7. ETS SMI-5

    4 Channel, Audio Surveillance kit, designed to connect directly, toaudio recorders, video recorders, DVRs, remote monitoring equipment

    Model No : ETS SMI-5

    Regular Price: $236.84

    Special Price $172.89

  8. ETS STW3

    Single Zone, 2 Way, Audio Surveillance System, 16 VAC AC adapter, Warning label

    Model No : ETS STW3

    Regular Price: $248.31

    Special Price $181.27

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8 Item(s)

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