Arecont Vision AV3245PM-W

All-in-One H.264, Indoor 3″ Ball Shape, Day/Night Solution, Remote Focus/Zoom With P-Iris Lens, P-Iris Control to, Get Best Depth of Field, Image Clarity

Regular Price $ 829.52 incl.VATOn sale price $ 705.10 incl.VAT

The Arecont Vision AV3245PM-W MegaBall 2 3MP Network Dome Camera is a high performance indoor security camera. It features a tamper-resistant die-cast aluminum 3 in. metal ball and mount which ensures no one can tamper or manipulate with this camera. An incorporated 3MP CMOS image sensor reduces noise and renders high quality imagery at 24fps with 2048 x 1536 resolution, delivering high resolution images and videos for more effective monitoring.
Stylish Arecont Vision MegaBall 2 all-in-one multi-megapixel cameras in 1.3-, 1080p, 3- or 5-megapixel resolutions with fast frame rates and a remote focus, remote zoom lens in an adjustable wall mount or flush / surface mount dome housing for indoor use
Furthermore, Arecont Vision AV3245PM-W MegaBall 2 3MP Network Dome Camera provides H.264 compression technology, reducing bandwidth and storage requirements, without sacrificing capture quality.


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