Arecont Vision AV5145DN-3310-DA


Bit Rate Control, Multi-Streaming, Forensic Zooming, PoE & Auxiliary Power: 12-48 VDC / 24 VAC, Binned Mode, Day/Night Capability

Regular Price $ 900.63 incl.VATOn sale price $ 765.53 incl.VAT

Operational and effective, the Arecont Vision AV5145DN-3310-DA is indoor dome Camera. Ensuring 24/7 excellent surveillance, this compact Camera is great for any challenging or unfavorable environment.

Efficient Indoor Dome Camera
Technologically advanced, this high-end dome Camera delivers sharp and crisp images Featured-packed, this Arecont Vision AV5145DN-3310-DA Camera boasts multi streaming, forensic zooming, bit rate control, and vari focal lens. This compact indoor camera has a Privacy Mask and 024 zones Motion Detection which makes it a technologically advanced dome camera.

Optimal Performing Indoor Dome Camera
Engineered to precision, this multi featured camera produces a high resolution images and videos. It offers great day/night surveillance of your house, office etc. This camera has a Dual Encoder i.e. MJPEG and H.264 (MPEG Part 10).the camera comes with PSIA compliance. This camera is an all in one megapixel IP surveillance solution. This installer friendly camera comes with External Lens adjustment and Cable Management for easy installation to any wall mounting or ceiling.


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