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What do you need to know about Baby Monitor IP Cameras? Leave a comment

Trying to find a good baby monitor IP camera can be difficult as there is not a lot of information that can be used to guide people or prospective buyers. Hopefully, this blog will give a good idea about what to look for when buying equipment like this.

The goals of a baby monitor camera

  • It should be able to monitor the baby’s entire playroom—usually with a wide angle lens
  • It should be able to capture the video in HD as it is important to see what the baby is interacting with quite clearly
  • It should have the ability to capture live audio
  • It should be able to display the live video feed on a TV
  • It should have the ability record a feed on demand
  • It should be able to display live video on multiple devices like a pc or a smartphone

HD IP cameras with a wide-angle lens

As the list mentions, it is crucial to have a camera that has a wide-angle lens as it will be impossible to see what the room covers otherwise. You must have a camera that allows you to surveil the entire width of the room. The camera must also have a built-in microphone to pick up on small sounds that you would not be able to hear otherwise. A good camera should also have built-in Wi-Fi. Why does a good camera need that? Because it allows you to avoid the hassle of wiring your home and it also allows you to display the live feed directly onto a TV.

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Using the camera in a playroom

In most scenarios, baby IP cameras are placed in the bedroom while the baby is sleeping. If you do not want to place the camera in the room where the baby sleeps, the next best advice is to put it in the playroom. Why? Because babies usually put things in their mouths when they play. They also have a tendency to make otherwise inaudible noises if they are uncomfortable or they are hungry. Setting up a good baby monitoring camera in a playroom will give you a way of getting around those issues as you will be able to monitor how the baby is doing on your live feed.

Setting up a live feed on your TV

Almost all IP cameras connect to an IP network by using CAT5 cables or over Wi-Fi. If you are using Wi-Fi, just like a laptop or a phone, you will need a strong Wi-Fi. Unlike CCTV cameras, IP cameras usually do not have the ability to be hard-wired to a television via a coaxial cable. Is that a big issue you may ask. It really is not because you will have your camera on the same network as all your other devices and as a result, it will be very easy to establish the live feed on any device that is set up on the same network.

Recording the feed for later use

Once you set up your camera in the room and you have established all your devices are on the same network, you can very easily start recording the feed in the room whenever you need to. If you ever feel like you will be away from something and you will miss something important, you can hit the record button on your device and then you can view the recorded footage whenever you want to.

iPhone App

If you are an iPhone user, it should be a requirement to access your baby cam through your phone. You can use this when you are not near the laptop or monitor. Even if you don’t need to access the camera remotely, it can be handy to have. You can watch live video remotely from iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, and Mac PCs.

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If you get a commercial grade IP camera that is typically used in video surveillance systems, they come with a lot more benefits. They have more features than the typical baby cams available in retail stores. Some more things the cameras are capable of:

  • Audio detection can let you know when the baby wakes up or cries.
  • Push notifications for your smartphone.
  • You can connect your camera to an NVR to continuously record or set a recording schedule.
  • You can connect your camera to external control to turn a light on/off. 

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