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Many people wanting to get into CCTV security systems are weary at first because they seem so complex. However, many of these issues are resolved using a PoE surveillance system. PoE, or “Power over Ethernet” devices receive internet connection and power over the same Ethernet cable. These PoE devices have more benefits than simplicity and we’ll get into them now.


PoE cameras have a lot of flexibility and various used. PoE CCTV security systems have no need for AC power outlets. This means they are not tied to locations where there is accessible power. PoE cameras can be placed in optimal locations to ensure the best coverage possible. This gives you a more effective system and provides enhanced security. Additionally, it is easier to add, move, or change cameras. This is because you do not need to run a ton of additional wiring for installation.

Time/Cost Savings:

PoE systems will also save you in time and cost because there’s no need to install AC power outlets. This is a nice discount because you don’t need to pay for extra devices and install time. Further, PoE systems have a less complex install process saving you time if you install yourself and money if you pay for a CCTV installer. PoE also requires less cabling, there’s more money you’re saving on cost of components. Overall, PoE systems are easier and faster to install and manage and require less overall cost.

Data Speed:

PoE CCTV systems also provide faster upload and download speeds. With data speeds constantly increasing, it is becoming more of a need for systems that can handle the feed. Additionally, PoE provides reliable connectivity to ensure your systems is running optimally. Most high definition streaming requires about 400-500Mbps to operate seamlessly. PoE systems running over Cat5 or Cat6 Ethernet cables can provide 1, 2.5, or even 5Gbps. This is more than sufficient to cover your HD needs.

Power Management:

One power source makes management of your CCTV system incredibly simple. You don’t need to worry about multiple power sources or various wire sources causing problems to your system. This also aids in making the system less expensive because you only need on power supply for all of your devices.

Wrap up:

When buying PoE CCTV systems there are many things to consider. Mainly, your security needs and budget. Further, you’ll want to look at features that you find the most important. Some examples are resolution, IP rating, vandal-resistance, night vision, motion detection, wide angle viewing and audio capabilities. 2MCCTV is here to help with all your surveillance needs. We have a team of highly knowledgeable sales staff, technicians and installers who are happy to help. Call 1-877-926-2288 today and let’s get started creating the perfect CCTV security system for you.

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