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The best benefit of living in a smart home is that you can take care of everything that’s happening in your house, while you’re not there. No matter if you’re keeping an eye on your kids, your expensive jewellery, your pet, a high quality security camera installed at home, is always of a great help. Security cameras help you monitor your home 24/7, by live feed or a recording. But not all cameras are created equally, features vary from camera to camera. PTZ security cameras have successfully helped a lot of people over years.

Here are a few benefits of PTZ cameras:


PTZ cameras can be installed to areas that you decide. And it can track movements of people you’re suspicious about. You can also keep an eye on vehicles, if you choose optional video analytic devices.

Multiple Alarm system:

These cameras usually have four alarm systems. Devices such as motion detectors, glass break devices, door contacts, etc. and can be placed in critical areas and connected to PTZ cameras. So, whenever there’s a movement on a hot spot, these cameras can be customized to stop all the other coverage and just focus on that particular spot.

Low Light features:

They also work their best when the lighting is low. PTZ cameras are equipped with features required for both day and night. They automatically switch to a super sensitive mode, allowing it to gather details in any kind of light. PTZ cameras offering this feature usually have infrared illumination.

No obstruction:

Today most of the PTZ security cameras are smaller in size and come close to the fixed dome style cameras. And the cameras that are a bit larger in size, can be installed in ways that they are hardly visible.


PTZ security cameras are mostly installed high above from the ground level to provide you with the best possible view. It helps them with a certain level of protection. Moreover, these cameras are made of extremely tough metal housings that are shatter proof, while they provide the best images.

Weather Resistant:

Nowadays PTZ cameras are manufactured in a way that they easily survive years of direct contact to natural elements. In fact, most people who are looking to install cameras in difficult locations like high rise buildings, invest their trust in high quality PTZ cameras.

Good Zoom Quality:

PTZ cameras with the least zoom ratios are light years ahead of the regular fixed cameras. A regular low zoom ratio for a PTZ camera is 10x optical, and a variety is available with powerful 36x zoom ratio lenses. Also, it is basic for such high resolution cameras to offer a digital zoom feature, providing even better magnification.

Panning or tilting:

PTZ security cameras are mostly referred as speed domes, and there’s a reason to it. They are immensely fast. These cameras can pan or tilt in absolute different directions in hardly a second. And regardless of the speed, they are very easy to handle and can move with precision even when focused on far away objects.

Auto Focus:

This feature is mostly overlooked by all, but is a very essential one for a PTZ camera when put to use.

It holds the ability to help the camera auto focus on suspicious objects. These cameras automatically sense the object or area to put into focus, and easily keeps up with the speed of the pan and tilt system.

Remote Control:

Cameras with remote controls have been around from over a decade. But digitally controlling the communication between the device and the security camera PTZ is even better.

Plus it is available for both digital and analog style PTZ camera. This communication happens via a cable, via a wireless system or over the internet. And since the complete communication is digital, multiple cameras can be controlled by a single controller.

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