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Malls are busy and chaotic at peak hours. With pop-up shops and increased foot traffic during active hours, it can be challenging to manage security for the entire mall. Security cameras can be useful in assisting security personnel with crimes, such as theft and vandalism. The cameras can also prevent future crimes, like car break-ins and physical violence, if displayed prominently. Security cameras can also encourage productivity in the workplace and discourage employee theft.

Stop Shoplifting

1 in 11 people will shoplift in their lifetime. In addition, 10 million people have been caught shoplifting in the past five years. The NASP stated that only 1 in 48 shoplifters get caught, and only half of those people get prosecuted. For some retailers, 37% of shrinkage comes between black Friday and Christmas, with most of this being from employee theft and shoplifting. Displaying security cameras can discourage theft from employees and shoplifters. Bullet cameras are good for this. This is fewer incidents for your security team to respond to, leaving them available for more pressing matters. If someone does steal, you can use the security camera footage to identify the culprit and help the police prosecute them.

Stop Vandalism

From tagging to broken windows, vandalism is widespread at many shopping malls. Stopping vandalism can create a safer environment for the shoppers and save the mall money in repairs. If vandalism does occur, the cameras can record it to give the police evidence and identify the criminal. It would be best if you took measures to protect your security cameras, though, because some vandals may try to break them or take them down. Placing your security cameras strategically can catch people who are acting suspiciously. This gives security personnel a chance to get to the scene of the crime before it takes place and intervene.

Safer Parking Lots

Over 11% of property crimes happen in parking lots or garages, and 7% of violent crimes occur in these areas. Security cameras can be valuable in reducing these crimes and making sure criminals get caught when these crimes occur. They will also help customers feel safe and assist law enforcement in their cases. The recordings can provide proof of stolen or damaged items and protect people against false liability claims. The cameras will make the walk to your car safer and track who enters and exits the mall. If the parking lot is paid, you can also catch people who have parked without paying.

Wrap Up

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