Best Security Camera Systems for Casinos

Best Security Camera Systems for Casinos 1

When most people imagine security for casinos, images of guards in black suits monitoring a seemingly endless amount of screens for card counting often comes to mind. While this is true, especially in Vegas, there are many other reasons for surveillance cameras and enhanced security in Casinos. They are prime areas of criminal activity like robbery, theft and fights. They also have a high number of occupants who are intoxicated or on illegal substances. So what features should you look for in the best security camera systems for casinos?


Casinos are often dark and not well lit, having security cameras with proper infrared capabilities will help improve the clarity and usability of your footage. IR will also help if there is a power outage, assuming the cameras are connected to some sort of alternate or backup power supply.


You will probably want some cameras with pan, tilt and zoom functions; they allow you to have more control over your view and help enhance coverage. If you are looking to get the most coverage out of the fewest devices, PTZ surveillance cameras are your best option.  

Long Range

Casinos typically are constructed with large open rooms and long hallways; this makes having security cameras with long range capabilities extremely advantageous. All the cameras in the world don’t mean anything if they are not able to properly see and record what is occurring.


Wide dynamic range helps balance out light and dark conditions in surveillance footage and improves the quality of freeze frame images. Casinos are starkly contrasting environments consisting of areas with low overhead lighting and tons of machines with neon lights.   

Auto Tracking

Auto tracking is useful to have because it monitors staff by tracking and recording every movement. This is great for preventing and solving issues of employee theft and negligence.

Face Recognition

Casinos can utilize facial recognition to identify previously arrested blacklisted players and remove them. Without this features, it would be nearly impossible to identify a blacklisted gambler among the thousands of visitors that casinos experience every day.  

IP & PoE

IP, or network, security cameras are more reliable and can record in higher resolutions. Additionally, choosing power over Ethernet cameras will make installation and maintenance of your security surveillance system easier. This combination will help keep cabling and wiring down to a minimum as the devices receive signal and power over the same cord.

Vandal Proof

Depending on the location and how high the cameras are place, you may want to consider vandal resistant cameras. Whether it’s a criminal trying to steal or someone who is too intoxicated, you don’t want your equipment getting destroyed, especially when you need it the most.

Key Areas

Further, some important key areas you may want to consider installing security cameras are entrances, cashier areas, open areas and above the gambling floor. These are the areas that are visited the most frequently and have the most potential for an incident.

Wrap Up

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