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Restaurants are susceptible to theft and criminal activity just like any other types of businesses. Surveillance cameras not only work to deter crime but also tend to keep employees on their best behavior. Installing a security system will allow you to keep an eye on your business without actually having to be on-site. So what are the best surveillance systems for restaurants and bars? Well discuss that here.

Why Install Cameras in Restaurants/Bars?

So why install cameras in restaurants and bars? The primary reason is to prevent theft from both employees and customers. Customers who see cameras capturing them in the establishment are far less likely to dine and dash (walking out without paying). Additionally, surveillance cameras lower incidents of fights and violence because the evidence could then be turned over to law enforcement for conviction. Surveillance systems allow you to review footage in the case of an event, either personal injury or criminal activity, so there is no question to what actually occurred.

Where to Install Cameras:

It is important to consider proper locations to install security cameras for optimal coverage. One key location to install surveillance cameras is at the entrance and exit. This will allow you to capture clear footage of who is coming and going from your business. You will also want to install cameras in the dining/bar area which should cover most of the establishment. This enables you to capture customers who may try and sneak out without paying and covers the area where accidents or fights are most likely to occur.

Further, installing cameras in the kitchen can help you monitor safety and keep your facilities up to health code standards. They will also help ensure your employees are working how they should be and are not exhibiting undesirable behaviors while you are not around. You may also want to place cameras near safes or cash registers as these are hot spot locations for theft for obvious reasons. Finally, you should arrange cameras outside of your location to cover parking lots and patio areas. Parking lots are highly susceptible to criminal activity such as vehicle vandalism and robbery. Having cameras outside will help deter criminals from using your business as a hunting ground, preying on your precious customers.  

What Types of Cameras or Features?

It is also important to select the right style of cameras and features that will allow for optimal coverage and footage quality in restaurant atmospheres. These devices should be discreet so that they are less invasive to your customers’ experiences. We recommend using dome style cameras as they are small and compact while still providing clear resolution. Importantly, you will want to select surveillance cameras with wide dynamic range and IR features. This is because bars and restaurants tend to operate under variable lighting conditions. Depending on the time of day, windows, candles and mood lighting all provide different lighting conditions that will effect footage clarity. You may also want to select network cameras that are compatible with power over Ethernet for a simple and reliable connection without any excessive wiring. This will make installation simple and adding extra cameras will be less of a hassle. One final feature to consider is point of sales functionality to prevent employees from giving away free food or drinks if you suspect this may be an issue.  

What are Some Other Considerations?

So now you know what cameras to look for and where to install them, but what else do you need to consider to develop an effective surveillance system? Primarily, you will need to decide on how many cameras you will require. This will depend on a number of factors including the size of the building, viewing angles and the areas you choose to cover. After selecting this, you can better determine the storage requirements you will need. You will want enough hard drive space to store at least a week’s worth of footage from all your cameras. Finally, you will want to take any odd fields of view into consideration when installing surveillance cameras. Some devices allow for wide fields of view for large, open spaces or corridor modes for hallways.

Wrap Up:

If you are looking to upgrade or install a surveillance security system, log on and give us a call today! We have a great team of highly experienced salesmen, installers and technicians that would love to help you out. We can walk you through the process start to finish and help you select the best cameras for you and survey your property to decide on the most optimal locations.

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