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Biometric Reader

Biometric Readers use fingerprint, hand geometry, iris or facial recognition as credentials for access control systems. Biometric technology significantly increases security level of systems because it eliminates such problems as lost, stolen or loaned ID cards, and forgotten or guessed PINs.
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  1. Rosslare Security AY-B3663

    Intelligent Installations, Unlimited Number, Users, 3 Blue LEDs, Flash in Pattern, Leads Users to Swipefingers

    Model No : Rosslare Security AY-B3663
  2. GeoVision GV-GF1922

    GeoFinger GF-1922, Optical sensor, TCP/IP, Three types of operation modes are supported: Card + Fingerprint, Fingerprint Only and Card Only

    Model No : GV-GF1922

    Regular Price: $370.00

    Special Price $222.00

  3. GeoVision GV-GF1921

    GeoFinger GF-1921, Capacitive sensor, TCP/IP only, 13.56MHz, Standalone function available on Fingerprint Only mode

    Model No : GV-GF1921-1

    Regular Price: $465.00

    Special Price $279.00

  4. Rosslare Security CP-R26

    Provides Content, Writing Definitions, Creates Master Cards, Easy and Fast, Reader Configuration

    Model No : Rosslare Security CP-R26
  5. Rosslare Security AYC-B7661

    Standalone Controller, Multi Application Functionality, Intelligent Installations, Convertible Work as Reader

    Model No : Rosslare Security AYC-B7661
  6. Rosslare Security AY-B2660

    Advanced Secure, Multi Application Functionality, Intelligent Installations, Unlimited Number of Users, Designed for Indoor Use

    Model No : Rosslare Security AY-B2660
  7. Rosslare Security AY-B1660

    Multi-Application Functionality, Intelligent Installations, Unlimited Number of Users, Designed for Indoor Use, Easy to Deploy Field

    Model No : Rosslare Security AY-B1660
  8. Rosslare Security CP-R25

    Small Desktop Footprint, USB 2.0 Plug & Play, Computer Connection, LEDs and Sounder, Indicate Different Activities, Including User Guidance

    Model No : Rosslare Security CP-R25
  9. Rosslare Security AY-B4663

    PC Software, Master and User Cards, Configuration Configurable, Multi Output Format, Supports Wiegand 26-bit

    Model No : Rosslare Security AY-B4663
  10. Rosslare Security AYC-W6500

    Capacity of 500 Users, Programmable Auxiliary Input Mode, Normal User, Programmable PIN Code Length, 4 to 8 Digits, Secure User

    Model No : Rosslare Security AYC-W6500
  11. Rosslare Security AY-B1663

    User Cards Configuration, Easy to Deploy in Field, Configuration Card, Configurable Multi, Output Format, Supports Wiegand 26-bit

    Model No : Rosslare Security AY-B1663
  12. GeoVision GV-GF1921

    Fingerprint Reader, Works with GV-AS Controller, Works with GV-ASManager, Standalone System, Access by Card, Wiegand 26 Bits Output

    Model No : GV-GF1921

    Regular Price: $465.00

    Special Price $279.00

  13. ZK Software US700

    Access Control and Time & Attendance Biometric Reader, Fingerprint Reader, Highly Accurate ZK Optical Sensor, Reads Fingerprints/PINs/Smart Cards, 1-touch Employee Recognition, Template Storage 1500

    Model No : US700
  14. ZK Software US100

    ZK Software US100: Time & Attendance Biometric Reader, Elegant Design w/ Touch Keypad, Rugged ZK Optical Sensor, TCP/IP and USB Port, Fast Processor Speed, Identify up to 5000 Users

    Model No : US100
  15. ZK Software iFace 302

    • Integration of Facial, RFID, and Password identification methods
    • Elegant design according to the view of human engineering
    • 4.3" TFT touch screen, easy operation, fashionable and simple interface
    • 6 user-defined function keys
    • Simple access control function reduces extra door control equipments cost for users
    • Webserver management software via IE browser
    • Extendable scheduled-bell
    • Infrared optical system enables user identification in dark environment
    • Optional built-in backup battery support extra 4 hours continuous operation if power cut
    • Optional built-in wireless WiFi or GPRS communication makes easier device installation without wiring

    Model No : iFace 302
  16. Schlage Recognition System HandKey II HK-2-F3

    Schlage Recognition System HandKey II: Biometric Hand Reader, Field Proven in High Volume, Easy to Use and Install,Integrates in Existing Systems,Convenient by Eliminating Cards

    Model No : HK-2-F3
  17. Sagem Morpho MA120W

    Sagem Morpho MorphoAccess MA120W: PIV Biometric Reader, Multi-factor authentication, Plug & play solution, FBI certified optical sensor, Stand-alone or networked

    Model No : MA120W
  18. Sagem Morpho MA100 (Discontinued)

    Takes 3 Week Lead Time
    Sagem Morpho MorphoAccess MA100: Biometric Reader, Multi-factor authentication, Plug & play solution, Manages up to 500 users, HID iClass Compatible

    Model No : MA100
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18 Item(s)

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