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What does the blacklist on HIkvision mean for me?

If you’ve been wondering about all this talk about the Trump administration’s blacklist on Hikvision, you’re probably primarily concerned with how it will affect you. Well, as a leader in the security market, Hikvision has been providing quality surveillance systems to users for nearly 2 decades. Bottom line, with this blacklist on Hikvision, American based companies are going to need to step in to fill the gap. Customers will also need to locate a new provider for their video surveillance and security needs.  

What is Hikvision?

If you’re new to the security industry and are wondering, what is Hikvision? It is a Chinese based security company and a leader on the market. Hikvision is primarily known for producing high performance network IP cameras at a relatively inexpensive price. Their popularity quickly grew as customers discovered their reliability and cost effectiveness. Hikvision was structured around Chinese suppliers intending to move millions of cameras each month. Due to this, they had to minimize profit and maximize volume. Other overseas security companies began to lose a lot of business to Hikvision; they began to produce replicas using the same exact hardware and undercutting their price. This caused many customers to switch to cheaper alternatives and Hikvision’s popularity died down a bit, though there are still some willing to pay more for the name brand.  

Why did this ban occur?

So if Hikvision is such a leader in the security industry, why did they get blacklisted? The increase in technology such as facial recognition software and speech monitoring has become more effective, however, it has also become more intrusive. This comes to play in citizens’ day to day lives and their rights to privacy. China’s surveillance industry is known to keep tabs on its own citizens. Unfortunately, they were using these advances in technology to specifically target Turkic-speaking Uighurs. The Uighurs have accused to Chinese government of discrimination against their people for ages. To read more about the blacklist on Hikvision, check out this New York Times article.  

What should I do now if I own or planned to own Hikvision?    

Now you may be asking yourself, what about if I already own a Hikvision product or was planning to purchase one in the future? I would recommend going with an American based company instead for a variety of reasons. The primary benefit is parts availability and support. It will generally be easier to locate parts and find a technician qualified to make any necessary repairs. Further, with the new blacklist on Hikvision, I definitely do not believe it would be a good time to invest in any of their products, especially given the sensitive nature of the ban.  

What are your other options?

What other security cameras are out there and what are my other comparable options? 2M Technology offers the 2MVIP-4KIR30, a 4k Ultra HD network IR mini dome camera. This is a network IP camera, similar to those that made Hikvision successful yet is completely American made. With 4k resolution, day/night functionality and an IP66 rating, this IP dome camera is a durable, high quality product built to last. If an IP dome camera isn’t your style, 2M Technology also offers varieties in turret, bullet, fisheye, panoramic, PTZ, thermal and more in both IP and analog!

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