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  • Create Partition for Ubuntu and mounted to Exacq edvr Directory

    Recently, I have attempted to install Exacq Server on Ubuntu operating system. In this example, we will attempt to partition, format the partition, create mounting point, and finally map the drive to Exacq Server recording location. We will be using terminal commands to achieve all this. 
    Before you create partition, you will need to locate the [...]

  • Port Forwarding ATT Motorola/Arris Routers

    I would list this router as the second most popular router open ports on daily basis. This router is much more fun to work with and much improved than ATT 2wire/Pace model. These routers have the following models: Arris NVG599 and Motorola NV6510. You can access this router by using ATT famous default gateway IP [...]

  • Port Forwarding Guide for 2Wire/Pace Router

    One of the most common router that I work on daily basis is ATT 2Wire U-verse router. This router can frustrate an average user, when they are attempting to open ports for their standalone security system. In order to perform port forwarding for 2Wire 3801/3801HGV/ or Pace 5268AC, you will need to gain access their [...]

  • Port Forwarding: Actiontec MI424WR

    Actiontec MI424WR is one of the most Verizon router. This router has advanced and useful features. This router has built-in DDNS and UPnP, and ability to filter the inbound and out connections. Default gateway IP address for Verizon router is usually
    Port Forwarding acts as a messenger and guard for your internal and external connection [...]

  • Port Forwarding SMC Comcast Business Gateway Router

    Comcast Business Gateway Router is wonderful little router and super user friendly. This router has one of the least steps and sub steps needed, when it comes to opening ports. This is important to me as 2M technical support, because it means I can teach my client on how to perform proper port forwarding for [...]

  • Port Forwarding Guide for Comcast Xfinity Router

    Comcast has rolled new high-speed broadband technology and calls it Xfinity. These new high-speed connections require much faster gateway. Xfinity high-speed gateway is bundled with wireless gateway and broadband modem into one devices. Default gateway IP address for the Xfinity router is
    Port Forwarding acts as a messenger and guard for your internal and external [...]

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