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Nitek's New "Etherstretch" Series

Travis Chaffin - Sales Manager - 2M CCTV

Travis Chaffin - Sales Manager - 2M CCTV
877-926-2288 x 6049

Ethernet POE Extender

Nitek has introduced a new product into the market that will help bridge the gap between Analog and IP.  With its new “Etherstretch” series Nitek allows a user to send POE Ethernet over existing coax cable.  For single runs they offer the EL1500C (coax) and the EL1500U (utp).   Each model number is sold as a pair including a transmitter and a receiver.  The Etherstretch can send POE over 1600ft on coax or over 1900ft over UTP.


Less Run Limitation

The creation of this product is a benefit for two main reasons.  The first reason is that the limit for traditional POE is around 300ft.  Before now any run further than that would have to be made using extenders or powering the camera locally while sending Ethernet signal alone.  Now the limitation for runs has been greatly extended and will cover more than 99% of all installs.


Save on Time and Labor

The second plus of this line of products is a saving of time and labor if an IP camera system is replacing an older analog system. An installer can use the existing coax cable that is already run.   As any installer knows, the most time consuming aspect of a CCTV install is simply running the wire.  Mounting and focusing cameras is a small feat compared to pulling the wire, especially in a finished building.  The benefit to the installer is lower install time so they can do a job faster and with less people.  This will save to installer money which can be passed to the end user.

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