A comparison table between Hikvision & Dahua VMS Software 1

Hikvision has a powerful video management software to connect thousands of cameras on on system. Similarly, Dahua has a VMS call smart PSS that has similar functionalities with a few differences. We have tested and tabulated those differences, making it easier for users to decide which security camera system to buy.

This table helps you decide based on features system requirements.

Comparison Sheet of Dahua Smart Pss Software and iVMS-4200 Video management software
Smart Pss: V1.13.1_R20160504
iVMS-4200: V2.5.0.5_20160512
ModuleFeatureSmart PSSiVMS-4200
ClientConnectable IP Devices256256
Connectable channels20001024
Camera groups
Device ManageOnline Search
Add Manually
Modify IP address before added×
Add by Domain/IP
Add by SN
Add by Segment×
Device ConfigGet Encode Parameters of device
Setting Encode Paramaters
Setting CCD/CMOS Parameters×
Recording Schedule
P2P Cloud
Remote Upgrade device×
Remote Factory default device×
Create Device’s QR Code×
PreivewPreview split6464
PTZ Control
Instant Playback
Digital Zoom
Manual Recording
PlaybackPlayback channels3616
Event Playback
Fish-eye Playback
Download the Video files
Video WallSplice
Alarm InputVideo Loss
Motion Detection
IVS function
External device
Intercom ControlPreview outdoor
Remote Unlock
call with outdoor station
Add Card×
Setting parameters×
DatabasePeople Counting
Heat map
Face Recognition Retrieval×
Behavior Analysis×
Road Traffic×
Face Capture×
Storage ServerRecording Capability32ch  or 128Mbps64ch or 128Mbps
Distributed Deployment×
Stream ForwardingStream Media Server×
Distributed Deployment×
SystemResume LiveView Status
Manual login Device×

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