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The AVer NV6480E16 DVR Card Capture Board Alternative

The AVer NV6480E16 DVR Card Capture Board was a great dvr capture card 5 years ago. This product was installed in a PC to convert and pc based computer system to a digtial video recorder. With new technology the DVR capture boards have become obsolete. 

We still recieve many calls daily for customer asking about the aver media dvr capture card. Specifically the AVer NV6480E-16 board, which was a 16 channel real-time 480 frames per second. This capture board was direct competition with Geovision capture board.

DVR capture board were popular 5 years ago because at that time having sophisticated features  of video recorder was not possible. Linux based dvrs relied solely on off the market cheap processors. Those processors were incapable of handling too much video graphics. With time processor prices like everything went down. Now with advanced technology, better software and hard provided more stable linux based standalone dvrs that are as good or even better than PC based.

The other common issue was the number of hard drives standalone dvrs were able to support. Offcourse pc based system had larger capacity, dependent on the computer case size. Now the linux embedded board dvrs can support up to eight hard drives. The size of the hard drives also have become much larger. Five years ago it was 1 terabyte was maximum size, now they go up to 8 terabytes per hard drive.

Now when customers call us and ask us about an better alternative, we always direct them to the 2m HD digital video recorder that supports old analog CVBS cameras that work in similar to the avermedia capture board. Also support new technology TVI, CVI, AHD and IP cameras.

2M suggests you purchase the 2m standalone dvr and you would find it to be a much better replacement than old avermedia capture board. For any other options call our engineers so they can help at 1-877-926-2288


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