What is a Bullet Camera?

“What is a bullet camera?” is the first question we get when we offer customers a good outdoor bullet camera.

A bullet security camera is a cylindrical style housing the contains a camera inside. The cylindrical shape can rang in width and length. Bullet cameras got their name from their stylish look. Ten years ago when bullet cameras came out there was another name for them, Lipstick. Lipstick, why lipstick you may ask? Well if you look at the first version of bullet cameras you will see that they are shaped like a lipstick.

The first version of bullet camera did not have leds in them. They just had a very small tiny camera, with a very small lens. Later on because of lack of clarity at night, infrared led boards were embedded around the camera, to illuminate the view for cameras.

The bullet name prevailed over lipstick and bullet camera became the more popular name. However, until now still some companies reference the mini bullet cameras as lipstick cameras, but not as popular.

The name bullet over lipstick for security purposes would obviously be a stronger sell, since the purpose of cameras is security and defense, customers want to hear names that would sound effective against intruders, unlike lipstick for security, sounds pretty doubtful to do the job.

2mcctv decided to call it bullet security cameras. So when customers ask us, “what is a bullet camera?” we simply say its a bullet shaped housing with a camera inside. Its shape is great for deterring intruders.  They are recommended for outdoor, to keep intruders out.

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