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  • The utility of Video surveillance systems and why you need them

    Home security has become a serious business and is a dire need in today’s world. With the continuous increase in crime rate and reports of theft and robbery attempts: people now deserve to have an automated home security system that can offer protection to the entire family. Among the past few years, the use of [...]

  • Infographic: How To Buy a CCTV security Camera?

    If you wish to buy a CCTV security camera, you need to follow a few steps. Starting from determining the real purpose, the budget, choosing the right technology, number of video recording days to camera style and location, all needs to be carefully planned.

    How to buy security camera

    To know more, check out the interesting infographic [...]

  • Benefits of PTZ cameras

    The best benefit of living in a smart home is that you can take care of everything that’s happening in your house, while you’re not there. No matter if you’re keeping an eye on your kids, your expensive jewellery, your pet, a high quality security camera installed at home, is always of a great help [...]

  • Types Of Security Cameras Systems

    A security camera system helps in increasing the safety in the home or office premises. A Security camera system allows you to keep a watch on a place, when you cannot be present there. Some security camera systems allow you to access the captured video from a remote location. Security camera systems are mainly used [...]

  • Why invest in IP based surveillance systems?

    Security surveillance systems are of many types. Depending on need, one should buy proper surveillance equipments. The market for security cameras for residential purposes has grown exponentially in the recent years. This is because home owners have come to realize the potential risk they leave the house to on a daily basis. Be it night [...]

  • Book your surveillance security system, now!!

    In the present day and age, one can never be too careful. Security has become one of the most important factors governing everyday life. If you are working in an office, there are guards present 24*7, and the facility is also monitored by CCTV cameras. Even in your very own home, a security system is [...]

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