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  • Port Forwarding SMC Comcast Business Gateway Router

    Comcast Business Gateway Router is wonderful little router and super user friendly. This router has one of the least steps and sub steps needed, when it comes to opening ports. This is important to me as 2M technical support, because it means I can teach my client on how to perform proper port forwarding for [...]

  • Port Forwarding Guide for Comcast Xfinity Router

    Comcast has rolled new high-speed broadband technology and calls it Xfinity. These new high-speed connections require much faster gateway. Xfinity high-speed gateway is bundled with wireless gateway and broadband modem into one devices. Default gateway IP address for the Xfinity router is
    Port Forwarding acts as a messenger and guard for your internal and external [...]

  • Hikvision Products

    Hikvision was founded in 2001 by HIK Technology Company based in China. Six year ago, Hikvision has introduced its security camera system in the USA. Hikvision has surprised the security camera industry by providing good quality products at substantially lower prices. With any company that shakes up the industry, one can expect few bad news [...]

  • NVRs: What is plug-n-play and ONVIF?

    For security camera system, one could imagine plug-n-play being available to only analogy cameras, DVRs (Digital Video Recorder). You would simply would need RG59 Coax cable coupled with BNCs, power supply, and DVR to make your security camera work. NVRs (Network Video Recorder), on the other were little complicated. NVRs, you would need either standalone [...]

  • What is the difference between face detection vs face recognition?

    The technology between face detection and face recognition are so wide apart, one can compare them to, the difference between small back yard to Lake Victoria. Even though face detection still uses advance algorithm to captures faces, but it cannot hold a candle to face recognition. Even though, TV shows or films have been perpetrating [...]

  • What is port forwarding and P2P Cloud?

    Port forwarding is way your Digital Video Record (DVR) or Network Video Record (NVR) to establish remote connection with the application of your surveillance device. Each DVR or NVR comes with unique ports. Each port must be opened through your router. These ports can be TCP or UDP connection and after successfully opening, will help [...]

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