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  • Bullet Cameras vs. Dome Cameras

    As far as camera functionality is concerned, bullet and dome cameras are extremely similar.  So really what you’re looking for is what will fit best with your particular application and what your preferences are.  Bullet cameras protrude outward, sort of like the barrel of a gun, where dome cameras have that circular “dome” shape.  I’m sure you’ve seen both types of surveillance cameras as both are quite popular.

    Bullet Cameras vs. Dome Cameras

    Below, I will go through some of the pros and cons of bullet and dome cameras, and although there are not many hard and fast rules, you can use them as guidelines to help assist you with your purchase.  Some security integrators disagree with certain pros and cons of these two camera styles, and rightfully so, as there is no one type of camera for every application.If you read no further than this though, know that 9 out of 10 CCTV installers will agree that bullet cameras are better for most OUTDOOR applications and dome cameras are better for most INDOOR applications.

  • POS Integration - Security at the Point of Sale

    Travis Chaffin - Sales Manager - 2M CCTV

    Travis Chaffin

    Travis Chaffin - Sales Manager - 2M CCTV

    877-926-2288 x 6049


    Stop me if you’ve heard this one.  A guy walks into a bar and drinks 8 drinks throughout the night.  The bartender pours top shelf drinks for him but charges for well, because he is her boyfriend. POS Integration Here’s another; a woman is only charged for every other item at the grocery store because her son is the cashier.  For retail businesses, internal theft is the biggest source of loss.  Catching an employee sneaking out with a flat screen TV is much rarer than a cashier manipulating the system to give away merchandise to their friends or family.

  • Wonderful Coca-Cola Ad - Security Cameras Capturing Nice Stuff!

    Typically, anything you see on TV, YouTube, or in the news regarding footage captured from security cameras will be of some sort of criminal activity, or other type of malicious behavior.  That's why this Coca-Cola ad is so refreshing to see, depicting what's fantastic about humanity.... quite the opposite of watching a video of some druggy lifting a purse off an old lady in a wheelchair...

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  • Evolution of CCTV Technology

    Travis Chaffin - Sales Manager - 2M CCTV

    Travis Chaffin - Sales Manager - 2M CCTV

    877-926-2288 x 6049

    I'm going to go over the Evolution of CCTV Technology from its early stages to its widespread use.  We also created an Evolution of CCTV Technology Infographic, if you'd like to simply skip down to that. 

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  • Video Compression for DVRs - H.264 vs. M-JPEG & MPEG-4

    Most DVRs on the market offer H.264 codec to compress videos.  H.264 records high quality videos while reducing storage space on your Hard Disk Drive (HDD).  To get an idea of how it works, let us compare it to its predecessors.

    The two typical video compression formats for DVRs before H.264 were Motion JPEG, or M-JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group), and MPEG-4 (Moving Picture Experts Group).  These three compression modes can all display and record up to 30 FPS.  However, there are some areas in which they differ significantly (Analog vs IP Security cameras).

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  • Guest Post - Preventing Copper Theft

    Rick Charney


    Rick Charney is the current manager of Stealth Monitoring, a live surveillance monitoring provider for corporations and other large businesses.


    Preventing Copper Theft

    Copper Pipes

    Traditionally, economic hardship means increased values for precious metals. As the worth of the dollar declines, the number of dollars required to purchase these commodities increases substantially. Today’s economic recession is no exception. While many Americans are thrilled to make an extra buck by selling their old metal jewelry, others are not faring so well. Many business and home owners are currently suffering from copper theft.

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