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  • What is the difference between dynamic vs static Public IP Address?

    IP, internet protocol, address is as unique as phone number or social security, unlike the former, they are few numbers to go around. These numbers are assigned to our devices by our ISP, internet service provider, helping us identify each other on the internet. Imagine every connected device in the world: everyday gateways (routers) for [...]

  • Why it is important to change default Login Credential and Upgrade Firmware?

    Every new system, whether is security system, internet of things (IoT) or any software that requires login, one must change the default login. Our lives are being improved with these new technologies that are coming out every day, but it is our responsibility to be vigilant and smart.
    One good advice to follow when you are [...]

  • What is the difference between H264 and H265?

    Many people might associate H264 to security camera system. Many of the DVR and NVR we sell have H264 printed on the box or displayed at the system’s initial boot. But in reality, many of the higher quality videos, streamed online, uses H264 compression. H264 is method of video compression that compares the motion in [...]

  • Should I Use Static or DHCP for Security Camera System

    On my previous blog, I have talked about in depth how to use Public static IP address. It is also more informal to learn how to use static or DHCP private IP address. Static private IP addresses give us the benefit to assign a internal number to our internal devices and walk away. DHCP is [...]

  • What is POE Injectors and Extenders?

    POE, Power of Ethernet, is method that pass electricity along with data on pair twisted cables. Devices like VOIP (conference phones), Wireless Access Point (wireless routers), and IP security cameras, have all used single pair of cable to achieve data and power transmission in network security environment. These twisted pair cable are CAT5e or CAT6 [...]

  • When Should I Use Motion vs Continuous Recording?

    When considering the recording capacity for your security system, it is very important to consider two things: motion or continuous recording and how many days of recording you are looking for. It is also important to understand how motion recording works, and how the camera environment affects the motion recording. It is very crucial to [...]

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