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2MCCTV Security Camera Blog

  • Visual Options that Track Security Objects

    If you have a special concern about an outdoor threat to your location then you need to immediately start looking at the available security options that give you ‘eyes’ when you are not on site. There are a variety of camera surveillance systems available on the market and each of them has capabilities that make [...]

  • Record and Store Your Security Video Footage Properly

    If you’re looking for a great way to record and store your security camera video footage, get 2mcctv.com online site and buy a high definition security camera DVR recorder along with the security cameras the engineers suggest.

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  • Wide Angle Cameras for Maximum Security Viewing

    There are several types of cameras to choose from when considering a security surveillance system and it is important to review all of them in order to decide which will work best for your location. Whether you are installing the system at home or the office the underlying goal is to cover all entry points [...]

  • Is Your Security Hardware Connected Properly?

    You can have all the top equipment in the industry for your state of the art security surveillance system but if you don’t have it connected properly then it still won’t work. Commercial buildings are generally wired with a standard cable that can be used for various different things but if you aren’t sure [...]

  • Manage Company Video Security

    Security surveillance systems should be effective, easily managed, affordable and expandable so they can grow as your business does. Owners should carefully review the available options with online vendors to see which sets have the necessary specifications and hardware quantity to meet their needs. If this is something that requires professional assistance in evaluating, then [...]

  • Why Office Security is Important

    Your business is your livelihood. It is how you generate income to take care of your family, it is the investment of your sweat, dreams and hard work and without proper security it can be robbed and taken advantage of in a single moment. These are just some of the reasons why you should have [...]

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