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  • The Answer to Your Home Security Needs

    Different situations require different security needs. For example, a residence located in a rural setting off of a back country road likely won’t require the same type or amount of security features of a large commercial or office building located in the center of a big city. However, these days, there is a need for [...]

  • Keep Eyes on Kids when you are not Home

    It is always fun to watch kids look for the ‘eyes in the back of the head’ on mom and dad because they are trying to find out how they always know everything that goes on in the household. While you most certainly do not have eyes in this strange location it is a safe [...]

  • Camera’s for Safety

    Home security has become a concern now. How about capturing the pictures of buglers? That can be done with the help of strategically placed cameras. You can be sure and safe about who comes to your place. If some mis-happening takes place then there would be series of evidence to prove it. The security cameras [...]

  • What Does Quality Security Look Like?

    When you need to protect your personal or professional assets, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Security measures – but what does this look like in hardware, software and budget costs especially for a small company that is just starting out. How many cameras do you need, what characteristics should the system [...]

  • Can I Remote Access to Recordings?

    Society is constantly on the go with activities, vacations, business trips and even general business where the shop is closed up after business hours. During these ‘down times’ the home or office is more vulnerable to security issues because no one is around to see what happens which leaves personal belongings and office inventory at [...]

  • How much security camera resolution do I really need?

    The biggest factor that affects customer decision on buying cameras, besides the prices is resolution. So a common question we get when we help clients with cameras they need is, what resolution do you suggest I need for that spot, that location and so on.
    Security camera technology have evolved a lot in the past 5 [...]

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