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  • What are Starlight IP HD Security Cameras?

    Fuzzy security camera pictures do not help at all when an incident just happened and trying to recover the video recordings.  With new high definition HD technology such problem does not exist anymore. Most recordings of resolution 1.3 Megapixel or higher, and proper camera lens, a good quality image resolution, capable of providing face recognition [...]

  • Advantage Provided By Digital Video Surveillance Systems For Business

    If you know how to choose the best video surveillance systems for your business and buy one, you will be in mental peace even when you are not in your office. There are many security systems available in the market which has the latest technology and functionality. Some have the computer like efficiencies like a [...]

  • Know All About Bullet Camera Before Buying For Your Private Property

    There are different kinds of security cameras available in the market which provides security to your premise. If you know the right way to choose the right camera for your home or office, you can stay in absolute peace. You can choose from a wide variety of cameras understanding your need, choice and preference as [...]

  • Online CCTV Systems Portals Offer Some Of The Best Devices And Services

    Establishing a business is just the first stage, and it is just the beginning of all the major challenges regarding business. Once the business is set, maintaining it is one of the greatest challenges. Maintaining the security of the establishment is not an easy job. Whatever is the nature of the business, one would need [...]

  • Security Recording Types for Company Security

    If you have never purchased a security system before then it is important to understand the available options regarding hardware, recording types and storage capability. Each of these factors affects how well your location is covered and access to the information for reference or usage in extreme situations. You also need to ensure that you [...]

  • A comparison table between Hikvision & Dahua VMS Software

    Comparison Sheet of Dahua Smart Pss Software and iVMS-4200 Video management software

    Smart Pss: V1.13.1_R20160504

    iVMS-4200: V2.5.0.5_20160512

    Smart PSS

    Connectable IP Devices

    Connectable channels



    Camera groups

    Device Manage
    Online Search

    Add Manually

    Modify IP address before added

    Add by Domain/IP

    Add by SN

    Add by Segment

    Device Config
    Get Encode Parameters of device

    Setting Encode Paramaters

    Setting CCD/CMOS Parameters


    Recording Schedule

    P2P Cloud

    Remote Upgrade device

    Remote Factory default device

    Create Device's QR Code

    Preview split


    PTZ Control


    Instant Playback

    Digital Zoom


    Manual Recording

    Playback [...]

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