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  • Lorex vs. Swann vs. Q-See vs. Night Owl

    If you are shopping for a security camera system kit, you probably came across one of the following popular retail brands Lorex, Swann, Q-see and night owl. Those brands focus on the consumer market, for homes, small mom and pop shops, or very small business offices. Those brands can be found available at Frys Electronics [...]

  • Protect Company Assets with Visual Security

    You can’t be at the business 24/7 and hiring a watchman or guard still limits the visibility of protection that you can have because they can only be in one spot at any given time. The best way to secure the premises and give you comprehensive coverage is to have a state of the art [...]

  • Off the shelf DIY security camera system kits from retail stores

    Many people nowadays go to a local electronics store and purchase a do it yourself security camera system. The Do It Yourself (DIY) security camera systems have invaded the electronics retail market, due to its high market demands and improvement in technology, making it possible to sell complete security camera system kits in one box.
    We [...]

  • Why does Hikvision or Dahua OEM their products?

    Hikvision & Dahua OEM's its products to many companies here in the U.S. Many companies come out and state that they manufacture the products, while in reality its just a couple of cctv manufacturers in china OEM to many companies here in U.S..
    Does it really matter to a customer if the company is claiming they [...]

  • Hikvision brand vs Generic Hikvision

    There are a lot of companies nowadays that  sell  Hikvision generic products. Online resellers of hikvision generic products are either from china or local here in U.S. Hikvision has become the most popular brand in the world, because of their sell everyone open strategy undermining even their own USA branch. Many chinese resellers have purchased a [...]

  • Why Your Home Needs a Home Security Video Camera

    Ever wonder how convenience stores capture those images that help them to capture the burglars who victimize their stores? Those are done with the aid of strategically located video cameras. You can have your home security video camera protect your home in much the same style as well. With a home security video camera, you [...]

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