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BNC Connectors

The BNC connector is the most common connector in CCTV security and surveillance systems and is used to connect coaxial cable to cameras and equipment. The bayonet, or central pin, in the male connector guides the connection to the female connector, making a solid connection fast and easy.

2MCCTV stocks a wide variety of BNC connectors in both crimp-on and twist-on designs. Whether installing, upgrading, maintaining, or troubleshooting a CCTV system, make sure to have plenty of BNC connectors’ on-hand. We back our connectors by one- to two-year warranties. If you are looking for wholesale pricing, please fill out our dealer form here.
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  1. Platinum Tools BNC-RG6-18038

    SealSmart BNC Coaxial Compression Connector, For RG6 Cable, Nickel Plated, Weather Tight Seal, Single Crimp Termination, Works with Crimp Tools

    Model No : 18038
  2. Platinum Tools 18041

    BNC Coaxial Compression Connector, Nickel Plated, Captive Center Contact Design.

    Model No : 18041
  3. BNC Adapter

    • Right Angle BNC Adaptor
    • Space Saver

    Model No : 2M-BNC-RA-ADAPTOR
  4. BNC Splitter T-Connector

    • BNC "T" Connector
    • With One Male BNC
    • 2 Female Inputs

    Model No : 2M-BNC-T-1M
  5. BNC Twist-On Connector for RG-6

    • BNC Twist-On Connector For RG-6
    • Easy Installation
    • 1 yr Warranty
    • No Crimping Needed

    Model No : 2M-BNC-TWIST-RG6
  6. BNC Barrel Connector

    • • BNC Barrel Connector
    • • RG-59U BNC Coupler
    • • 75 Ohm

    Model No : 2M-BNC-BARREL
  7. BNC Twist-On Connector

    • BNC Twist-On Connector
    • Twist-On Connector
    • 5 Ohm

    Model No : 2M-BNC-TWIST-ON
  8. BNC Crimp-On Connector

    BNC Crimp-On Connector,Crimp-On Connector 75 Ohm

    Model No : 2M-BNC-CRIMP-ON
  9. BNC RG59 Coax Compression Connector

    • BNC RG59 Nickel Coaxial Compression Connector
    • Molded in Gasket
    • Weather Tight Seal
    • Single Crimp Termination
    • Captive Center Contact Design

    Model No : 2M-BNC-COMP
  10. Female BNC to RCA Male Adapter

    BNC Female to RCA Male Adapter

    Model No : 2M-BNC-RCA
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10 Item(s)

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