2M Technology 2M-BNC-TWIST-RG6 BNC Twist-On Connector for RG-6

2M Technology
  • BNC Twist-On Connector For RG-6
  • Easy Installation
  • 1 yr Warranty
  • No Crimping Needed

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In stock

This is a BNC connector for RG-6 coaxial cables. BNC connectors attach coaxial cables to electronics like Internet and video devices. RG-6 is a common type of coaxial cable that can be used to transmit video for surveillance equipment.

No Need for Crimping

This twist-on connector simplifies installation by eliminating the need for a crimping tool. To install it, use a cable stripper to remove the coaxial cable’s outer insulation, fold back the outer braiding, trim back the dielectric insulator that covers the core wire, and then thread the cable through the BNC connector, gently twisting it to attach it.



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