Body Worn Cameras

Body Worn Cameras

Police body worn cameras are video recording systems that are typically utilized by law enforcement to record their interaction with the public and to gather video evidence at crime scenes, and have been known to increase both officer and citizen accountability. These body worn cameras are portable, they don’t hinder and are easy to use. These body cameras can also record for a fixed amount of time after they have manually been stopped. Some models come with IR LEDs for full visibility even when it’s nighttime or in dark areas. 2MCCTV carries a variety of police body cameras for sale and at an affordable pricing.

Body-worn cameras are small sized, wearable cameras with a recording system and are mostly designed to be worn on the torso. They can also be built onto the helmet or into the glasses. From law enforcement to military and journalism to covert surveillance, BWC can have multiple uses that can serve the society

Such cameras mostly come with an efficient password system that shields them from any kind of tampering by the security guards. Depending on the level of quality, they have varying video resolutions – ranging from 2 megapixels to a 50-megapixel camera. To efficiently capture night image, body-worn cameras can also be equipped with infrared led. With the onset of advanced technology, cameras are now being made with star view technology to capture colors at night.

Video recordings alone are not sufficient evidence as they can be manipulated and interpreted by people differently. Audio is what adds to their credibility, evading any chances of distortion. This is why the cameras have built-in microphones for recording audio in sync with the video footage. BWC are dated and come with the exact GPS coordinates to maintain them as archives and to supplement its reliability as evidence, respectively.


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