Body Worn Camera Solution

What is the Problem?

In the United States, there has been a growing distrust of officers by the public. Many people say that officers abuse their power and commit instances of unjust police brutality against innocent victims. However, without any evidence of the situation, there is no way to determine which side is right. But police officers are not the only ones who receive claims of misconduct. Security guards have the task of keeping the public safe and can be held liable if they are accused of mishandling an incident.

Proposed Solution

Body Worn Cameras

Body worn cameras are compact surveillance cameras that are worn over the chest area. Having a camera here ensures that everything is recorded from the officer or guard's perspective. Body worn cameras provides more evidence about a situation to resolve any disputes about misconduct. Not only that, these cameras hold officers accountable for their actions and reduces incidences of brutality.


More Transparency

Body worn cameras keep a record of all incidents and encounters to provide the public more transparency in regards to how officers are handling situations.

Quicker Resolution

In case of civilian complaints against the officer or security guard, evidence from the body worn camera can be presented to resolve issues quickly.

Improves Behavior

Body worn cameras record events to hold officers accountable for their actions which results in improved conduct and behavior.

Training Assessment

Besides providing evidence for disputes, footage from body worn cameras can offer more insight as to how the officer might improve the quality of their service.

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