Bosch BOS-DVR44004A050


Digital Video Recorder 440 Series, External Power Adapter, Video Standard Svgapal

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The Bosch BOS-DVR44004A050 is a 440 series digital video recorder. It is designed and engineered from high-quality material to deliver top-class performance. This electronic surveillance device is intended to capture multiple audios and video signals, while delivering playback and realtime multiscreen view at the same time. 
This 440 series digital video recorder has a search and playback feature that enables faster search and saves your time. Once, it is configured it will start delivering 30 (NTSC) for CIF resolution and 25 (PAL) images/sec per channel. Moreover, you can also lower the IPS settings and start recording by using 4-channels. The unit features a built-in hard-disk that offers ample storage are for recordings.
The unit is coupled with various advanced features like extensive alarm functions with motion detection, telemetry control, programmable keys, mouse, etc. It is easy to operate and demands least efforts for understanding. The front panel of this digital video recorder features control keys through which you can customize on-screen display to get full-screen, multiscreen or sequence view. The rear panel has video inputs, audio input and output, and alarm inputs and output sockets. 
The best part is four users can simultaneously operate DVR 400 and use it for viewing, playback, and configuration multiple videos over network.


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