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Bullet cameras are probably the type of camera you see most often when you go out in public. These cameras are named for their long, cylindrical shape that resembles a bullet or a tube of lipstick. Since this type of camera is so common, many people automatically opt to use these, but it’s important to go through all their benefits and drawbacks before deciding.

Bullet Camera Pros

Easy Installation & Adjustment

Bullet cameras are easy to install because they can be mounted on walls as opposed to ceilings. They have a “point and shoot” installation process, meaning that you just need to mount it, point it in the direction you want, and then start recording. Additionally, adjusting the position of the lens is easy because you can just reach up and move it without having to remount the device.

Longer Range

Since the device has a longer body, it can use a longer lens. A longer lens means that the camera is able to record longer distances. Because of this, these cameras are typically used outdoors because they can monitor wide areas like parking lots.


Since they’re usually used outdoors, these cameras are made to withstand harsh weather. In addition, every camera has a small “lip” at the top of the lens. This lip helps to protect against glare from sunlight and to cover the lens from debris.

Visible Deterrent

The reason why these cameras are used frequently is because they deter crime. If a burglar or shoplifter sees a security camera, they will be less likely to steal because they know that they are being monitored so their chance of getting caught is higher.

Bullet Camera Cons


Even though their visibility can be a benefit, it can also be a drawback as well. Since the design is bulky, these cameras can easily stick out. As a result, some places choose not to use this type because it doesn’t match their interior aesthetic. Not only that, cameras are not always seen as a crime deterrent, but just an obstacle to overcome. If a robber notices a camera, they may just take more care into masking their identity or avoid the camera’s view so any recorded footage would be useless.

Not Vandal-Resistant

These cameras are durable enough to withstand harsh environments, but this does not mean that they are vandal-proof. The design makes it easy for anyone to tamper with the angle of the camera to point somewhere else. In addition, someone can easily grab onto the camera and disconnect it.

Wrap Up

Bullet cameras are a common choice for video surveillance because they deter crime and are convenient. However, when you are deciding to use these, you should keep in mind that they are noticeable and more susceptible to tampering. If you want covert surveillance or suspect that your cameras will be vandalized, it might be better to forgo these.

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