Bullet security cameras boast a small, compact size while being extremely durable. These cameras are typically used for outdoor areas so many are waterproof and able to withstand harsh weather conditions.  Many of the bullet cameras we offer also are equipped with infrared LEDs which captures detailed video footage even in complete darkness. They are also easy to mount on ceilings/walls and are cost effective, making this a great option for someone new to CCTV.

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1. How are bullet cameras different from other cameras?
Bullet cameras have a longer range than other cameras which makes them ideal for large areas such as parking lots or backyards. Their field of view is fairly narrow, yet the shape of the camera allows for a larger lens on the bullet camera than a dome camera
2. Are bullet cameras better for outdoors or indoors?
Depending on location, bullet cameras tend to work better for outside locations as they can be attached to any wall as opposed to a ceiling which dome cameras require.
3. How do you install a bullet camera?
The bullet camera requires a simple wall mount. The easy installation ensures the camera lasts a while because the process is simple and hard to mess up.

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