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Dome and bullet cameras are two of the most popular types of cameras used for commercial surveillance. These cameras are compatible with each other and are used within a single network. They are easy to install and manage and are even powered by similar hardware. Also, they have advanced features, such as remote viewing. There are advantages to each style and knowing which one is best for which situation is essential.

Dome Cameras

Dome cameras are recognizable by their dome-shaped housing. Therefore these types of cameras are popular for both indoors and outdoors, especially in stores or commercial properties. They typically install them on ceilings. Dome cameras come with infrared LED lights so that they can be useful in complete darkness. Wired dome security cameras operate over CCTV, or through Internet Protocol (IP).

You can access the dome cameras through your PC, tablet, or phone over the internet. They have wide-angle viewing, motion sensing, infrared night vision, and super HD video quality. One of the reasons dome cameras are so popular is because of their size. They are small and discreet, which makes them perfect for storefronts, reception areas, or other areas, making them less obtrusive. Also, dome cameras are also vandal resistant because of their shape. They are hard to grab and do not usually take the full force of an object been thrown at them.

Bullet Cameras

Bullet security cameras are essential in the world of business and property surveillance. They are typically installed on walls and used outdoors. Bullet cameras are flexible in mounting placement and angle; the angle can also be adjusted after they have been installed. Therefore bullet cameras are typically placed to monitor driveways, entryways, front and back doors, stairways, or garages. For instance, bullet cameras are highly weather resistant because they are designed for outdoor surveillance, though they can be used indoors. You can equip the cameras with a heater and blower fan for temperature control. Being visible, the camera does an excellent job of deterring crime.

Bullet vs. Dome

There are not many differences between bullet and dome cameras, but it is crucial to understand when picking which camera is best for you. If you need overt security and visible cameras, you should choose bullet cameras. In addition, sometimes the best option is to install a mix of cameras in your property for the best possible surveillance.

Wrap Up

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