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What are dome surveillance cameras?

Dome surveillance cameras get their name because of their circular dome shape. The camera rests in a transparent protective dome. It is harder to install than a bullet camera because of the moving inside parts. They are available for both inside and outside use. Many businesses, such as restaurants, hotels, and retail stores, use them since they are discrete.

One of the main benefits of dome cameras is it is hard to tell where it is pointing. If you are looking from a distance, you can never tell what the camera is looking at. Also, they are generally more resistant and durable in regards to vandalism as the camera lens is protected. There are vandal-proof dome cameras that have more durable covers that can be resistant to general acts of vandalism. Bullet CCTV cameras are easily knocked off or repositioned to point in another direction. The design and shape of dome cameras can allow you to monitor a wider area and angle as the lens moves. Dome cameras are more discrete, rotate well, vandal-resistant, weatherproof, and have night vision.

What are Bullet CCTV cameras?

Bullet cameras are named after their cylindrical shape, which looks like a lipstick tube or a bullet shell. They are one of a common type of security cameras and are known as a visible deterrent. Most studies have found that the presence of a CCTV camera will make your business or home a less desirable target. Bullet cameras can go outside or inside.

The main benefits of these cameras are their installation and range. They have a longer range, which makes them perfect for parking lots and backyards. Bullet cameras are easy to install. They are also perfect for outdoor use because it has a small lip that helps protect against glare and weather. The cameras have a viewing angle of 80 degrees horizontally and 40 degrees vertically. The issue with these kinds of cameras is that they can not be panned and tilted unless they are physically adjusted. As a result, they are put in hard to reach places.

Turret Cameras

Turret CCTV cameras are usually recognized as a mini-dome, eyeball, or flat-faced camera. The kind of design they usually have is a ball and socket type design. They have two kinds of night visions: EXIR and infrared. What is EXIR technology you ask? EXIR technology uses the illumination pattern in a rectangular shape and it is evenly dispersed. What is special about these kinds of cameras? They have longer night vision distance when compared to infrared cameras. But the quality comes at a price and you have to consider if that is worthwhile for you

Wrap Up

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