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Home owners are bombarded with ads every month about home security systems from third party vendors that cost a monthly fee on top of the equipment and installation charges. Instead of taking that route, why not buy a security system on your own and skip the monitoring fees altogether.

With the right CCTV surveillance cameras, DVR and accessories that come in a preset package, owners can save a ton of money and get the visibility they want on their home or office without the additional charges or contract. The equipment is easy to install with the step by step directions and the price is affordable when you consider that you only have to pay for the equipment and nothing else.

Surveillance cameras can be placed anywhere that you feel is an opening or ‘at risk’ spot in the home such as the front and back doors and other entry points. Choose from a wide selection of camera types that offer options on positioning and range of motion as well as appearance. There are plenty of cameras that look like everyday products so that you can monitor what is going on when you aren’t home without making it obvious that there is a security system in place.

DVRs are standard equipment from cable companies but this unique piece of hardware will directly associate with the visual images being recorded and saved for playback at a later time. Mobile monitoring is also available with many system setups so that owners don’t have to be home in order to see what the cameras are looking at.

The process is easy and quality equipment can be purchased from reliable online vendors that specialize in this industry and can help you find the best CCTV surveillance cameras and hardware for your home or office. There are several options to consider when implementing a new security system in your home and money is always a factor. Decide whether you want to pay someone else to do all the work and bring in the equipment and watch the home or whether you want to save money and handle this yourself.

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