Client Server Based Video Management System, Superior Alarm Handling, 32 Channels Enterprise Class, Alarm Priorities Selectable User Group Distribution

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The BOSCH BVMS-LITEPRO-32 Video Management System is a perfect video surveillance solution based on cutting-edge technology and years of experience. It provides seamless management of digital video, audio and data across any IP network. This system features a flexible, clean and compact design. It requires 32-bit Microsoft Windows Operating System for installation. This video management system is souped-up for greater scalability using multiple client stations.

This Multi-Site-Multi-Customer system contains Video Recording Managers (VRMs) that eliminate the need of dedicated NVR's. VRM introduces a virtualization layer that along with recording and playback management also takes care of load balancing. This LDAP-compatible system also features management server software, mobile app, video streaming gateway and remote access. Flexible image panels allow instant playback and any combination of window layouts and sizes. The system also supports task scheduling with 200 schedules at maximum.

The system configures an automatic scan and address assignment to IP devices. It uses IVA algorithms for forensic research without servers. This portable system provides user interface with zoomable sitemaps, automatic map positioning and sophisticated multi-camera timeline. Various GUI languages and customer command scripts are also supported by the system.


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