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Camera Housing

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2MCCTV carries a wide selection of camera housings, mounts, and enclosures to address any surveillance solution. When placing a camera outside, a metal camera housing or casing is highly recommended so it doesn't fry when it rains. One of the most important features to look for in a security camera housing is the IP rating, which is a certified number given to each enclosure, which signifies the level of protection it provides from various levels of liquids and solids.

If you already have a CCTV camera or system and quickly need to get a specific indoor or outdoor mount, feel free to give us a call and one of our knowledgeable reps will assist you - 1-877-926-2288

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  1. m technology 2MV-WM

    2m technology 2MV-WM indoor/outdoor Security Camera mount for the 2m vandal dome cameras.

    Model No : m technology 2MV-WM
  2. Model No : Veilux PTZ Indoor/Outdoor Wall mount W6
  3. 2MCCTV 2M-OH/M

    2MCCTV 2M-OH/M: Outdoor Camera Enclosure Combo, Weatherproof Mount included, Heavy-Duty Aluminum Construction, Top Swings Opening, Adjustable Camera Tray, Lockable Rear Latch

    Model No : 2MCCTV 2M-OH/M

    Outdoor Camera Enclosure, Weatherproof Mount Included, Heavy-Duty Aluminum Construction, Adjustable Camera Tray, Lockable Rear Latch, 24VAC Heater & Blower

    Model No : 2MCCTV 2M-OH/MHB
  5. Veilux VCH-619

    Outdoor/Indoor Camera Housing, Nylon + Fiber Glass, IP-66 Rating, CE Certification, Cable-Thru Wall Mount

    Model No : Veilux VCH-619
  6. Veilux SVEX-M1

    Housing Bracket, Indoor & Outdoor Use, Stainless Steel Material, Work with Veilux housings

    Model No : Veilux SVEX-M1
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6 Item(s)

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