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Society is constantly on the go with activities, vacations, business trips and even general business where the shop is closed up after business hours. During these ‘down times’ the home or office is more vulnerable to security issues because no one is around to see what happens which leaves personal belongings and office inventory at risk with no back up plans or accountability in place.

To this end, installing a top 10 security camera application can help to ensure peace of mind that you can watch real time or access prior recordings when they are needed. The ability to access this information on a mobile application means that you need to have secure and compatible connections into the system.

Users can utilize a DVR or NVR system which basically performs the same function but is setup slightly different. DVR (digital video recorders) utilize cables to connect the cameras directly to the system while the NVR (network video recorders) use a network connection to put the cameras and system on the same IP. Either way, the images can be accessed remotely from a computer to see what is going on at that time or to review footage from an earlier recording. One of the major decisions is how much storage you want to have for any given time before moving the data to a separate device or having it overwritten.

The top 10 security camera mobile applications can help to resolve these issues when you buy from a quality vendor with a strong customer support system able to answer all your questions and provide recommendations on the right system for your needs. You may need 4 channels or a CCTV DVR recorder that can get you set up in no time at all with the expertise of online technicians and detailed documentation. Review inventory options and specifications and then make an investment that will allow you to leave your home and office knowing that they are in good hands and well protected. You can easily access the information at any point and even keep historical data on a different device if you find it necessary to save the images for a long term period.

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