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One common misconception is that IP cameras can only work if they’re connected to the internet. It’s a valid assumption to make since after all, IP does stand for internet protocol. However, IP cameras can still work without internet connection. Let’s go over how you can install an IP system without internet and their limitations.

Setting Up IP Cameras Without Internet

As stated in our basic IP CCTV systems guide, IP systems rely on a connected network to do all of their data transmission. However, this connected network doesn’t necessarily need to be the internet. If you look on your router, you will see something called LAN and WAN. LAN stands for local area network whereas WAN stands for wide area network. The difference between these 2 networks is that LAN is confined to a smaller area, like a building or home, while WAN is everything outside of this area- so basically the entire internet.

An IP system setup without internet connection will pretty much look like a regular IP system with internet. You would still be able to install an IP system using PoE and have the option of using or not using an NVR. The only difference is that all of your devices will be connected through the LAN but not the WAN. However, remember that if you want to use IP cameras, you will still need a router that is capable of providing a LAN for your devices to connect to.


Keep in mind that using IP cameras without internet connection will mean that you will lose the benefit of remote viewing. While the IP system will be connected to each other through the LAN, they will not be connected to the WAN so there will be no way to access the cameras through the internet. However, you will still be able to store and view your footage on-site through the LAN.

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