Surveillance & Cannabis Regulations

An ever-increasing number of states have passed legislation legalizing marijuana for medical uses and some states have even legalized the herb’s recreational use. State laws determine who may cultivate or sell marijuana and under what conditions they may do so. At the outset, it should be noted that the cultivation and sale of marijuana are still considered federal crimes, and whatever efforts are made to comply with state and local laws will not prevent you from being prosecuted under federal law. Regardless, those starting a marijuana business can avoid most serious problems by closely following the state and local rules. Within these cannabis regulations there are specific requirements for security and surveillance. We also offer full customization for cameras, DVR/NVRs as well as complete security systems. A system specifically designed for you and your needs provides optimal surveillance coverage and security, providing you with greater piece of mind. We can provide cameras based on your industry and specific needs. Whether you’re trying to secure a small shop or filming in the dark depths of a mine, we have got you covered with the best CCTV equipment. Most applications will require to submit a plan identifying security for your facility to see if it meets the standards required. Contact us and you can speak to one of or sales staff or trained technicians.

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