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All places need a complete surveillance system, and casinos are not an exception. Since casinos are gambling establishments, they are susceptible to more crime. Many incidents involving money, alcohol, and cheating can arise which means that video surveillance is crucial. However, having a few security cameras set up around is not sufficient. When setting up a casino surveillance system, there are a few special requirements to consider.

Camera Frame Rate

A casino surveillance system should use cameras with a higher frame rate. A higher frame rate means that the video footage captured will be more constant and fluid. This is important for casinos so they can record the rapid movement from the shuffling and dealing of cards. This ensures that they are able to catch instances of cheating.

Covert & Overt Surveillance

Having visible cameras can be good because they deter crime. Typically, if someone knows they are being monitored, they will be less likely to commit a crime because their chances of getting caught is higher. However, there are some people who will still commit the crime, but be more careful about avoiding visible cameras. A casino surveillance system should use a mix of visible and hidden cameras in order to deter crime but also record crime if it occurs.

Long Range PTZ

The best choice of camera for a casino surveillance system would be long range PTZ cameras. These cameras are able to pan, tilt, and zoom to monitor multiple angles and areas from longer distances. Using these cameras allow you to cover all blind spots and more distances with a single camera. They also are capable of auto-tracking so any suspicious movement that is detected will be recorded. Not only that, they allow you to zoom in closely without affecting the resolution so you can see all details.

Face Recognition

In a casino surveillance system, face recognition can be an important tool for preventing dangerous incidents from occurring. Since casinos tend to have large crowds going through them everyday, they can be targets for criminal activity. By using face recognition technology, security teams can be alerted of criminals or missing people and take action promptly. Face recognition can also prevent losses for casinos by identifying known cheaters and advantage players.

Video Analytics

Besides face recognition, it’s necessary for a casino surveillance system to have other video analytics available. For example, they could use object recognition so they can be alerted when someone comes in with a dangerous weapon or a mysterious luggage. They can also use object tracking to detect suspicious activity like someone loitering around a specific area for an extended amount of time. Another analytic casinos could use would be people counting in order to control crowds and evaluate foot traffic.


WDR stands for “wide dynamic range”. This specification is important to have in a casino surveillance system because it balances out the different lightings that casinos can have. This results in clear images and prevents objects from having shadows which may obstruct view.

Wide Range vs. Resolution

In large areas like casinos, it can be helpful to use cameras that can capture wide ranges, like a fisheye camera. By expanding the view, you are able to monitor more areas without running into the issue of blind spots. However, you should keep in mind that the wider the range, the lower the resolution. In a high-risk area like a casino, every detail and every area is important. A good casino surveillance system should be equipped with cameras that can cover each area in high resolution.

Wrap Up

Casinos are high-risk areas for criminals and dangerous activity. Simply installing a few security cameras around the building is not enough to stop crime. A quality casino surveillance system should be capable of covering all areas and movement.

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