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This post will guide you through how to install a power supply using pre-made security camera cables. CCTV power supply boxes are usually used for multi-camera installations instead of using single power adaptors for every camera. The process is about the same if you prefer to use RG59 Siamese cable spools. This posts guide is applicable to analog CCTV cameras and HD BNC cameras. (AHD, HD-CVI, HD-TVI, and HD-SDI). The cable installation also works for 12V power supply boxes and 24V power supply boxes.

Power Supply Box with PTC Fuses

CCTV power supply

There are two different methods for surge protection. There is a security camera power supply box with traditional fuses and one with PTC auto-reset fuses. The advantage of the PTC is that they do not burn out. If a circuit is overloaded, the PTC turns the overloaded circuit off. When the load gets fixed, the PTC automatically resets the fuses. Because of this, there is no burnt-out fuse to replace.


Almost all analog security cameras take in 12vdc power supply. A few cameras still support dual voltage 12vdc/24vac. On the back of a security camera, there is a 2.1mm female dc connector which is the power cord input.

The Pre-made Siamese cable comes with two zip together wires of power and rg49 coaxial cable, to make running wire easy. The coaxial cable of the premade has two male bnc connectors terminated on both sides of the cable. The 2/18 gauge wire has one side terminated with female power lead and on the other side 2.1mm male power lead.

Pre-made Siamese Cable
Power Supply Termination Board

When running the premade cable, since they have the terminated end you have to make sure you are running in the right direction. You have to make sure that the male power lead side is at the security camera side and the female power lead side is in the room where the power supply box will be mounted.

A male dc power lead should be used to be terminated in the power supply box at the terminal board. There is a positive and negative terminal per camera on the board. The red cable of the female power lead goes on the + screw and the black at the negative screw.

The male power lead that got terminated at the cctv power supply box board would connect to the female power lead on the pre-made siamese cable.

Typically you would mount your power supply box on a wall near your DVR. The box would be powered by a standard 110-120 volt AC power wall outlet using a 3-prong power cord. There is a power switch for the power supply box. It turns on every port.

CCTV Power Supply Box with Power cable

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