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Chimes with Strobes

Combined chimes and strobes for fire alarm system in one product.
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  1. System Sensor CHSW

    Plug-in Design, Shorting Spring, Mounting Plate Pre-installation, Continuity Check, Captive Mounting Screw

    Model No : System Sensor CHSW
  2. System Sensor CHSR

    Rotary Switch, Tone Selection, Two Volume Settings, Electrically Compatible, Existing Spectralert

    Model No : System Sensor CHSR
  3. System Sensor SPSCW-CLR-ALERT

    Plug-in Design, Protective Cover, Reduce Ground Faults, No Extension Ring Required, Field Selectable, Candela Settings

    Model No : System Sensor SPSCW-CLR-ALERT
  4. System Sensor SPSCW-P

    Plain Alert-printed, White Housings Clear, Amber Lens Strobes, Speaker Strobes, Color Lens Attachments

    Model No : System Sensor SPSCW-P
  5. System Sensor SPSCWH-P

    Color Lens Attachments, Use With Clear Lens, Ceiling Strobes, Clear Dual Strobe, Expander Plates, Dual Strobe Expander Plates

    Model No : System Sensor SPSCWH-P
  6. System Sensor SPSCWK-CLR-ALERT

    Weatherproof Per Nema 4x, IP56, Plug-in Design, Reduces Ground Faults, Tamper-resistant Construction, Listed For Ceiling Or Wall Mounting

  7. System Sensor SPSCWV-P

    Plain Or Alert-printed, White Housings, Compatible With System, Sensor Synchronization, Protocol, Listed Ceiling Or Wall Mounting

    Model No : System Sensor SPSCWV-P
  8. System Sensor SPSCWVH-P

    Listed Ceiling, Wall Mounting, Plain Alert-printed, White Housings, Clear Amber Lens, Strobes Speaker, Strobes, Meets Dod Specification

    Model No : System Sensor SPSCWVH-P
  9. System Sensor SW-CLR-ALERT

    Wall Mounting, Plain or ALERT Printed, White Housings, Clear or Amber Lens, Strobes and Speaker Strobes, Compatible With System Sensor Synchronization Protocol, Listed for Ceiling

    Model No : System Sensor SW-CLR-ALERT
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9 Item(s)

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