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Recently, I asked the fine people of Safety Vision – Mobile Video Solutions (manufacturer of the collision avoidance systems that we sell here at 2MCCTV) if they’d be able to give us a write-up of their systems to educate our visitors on what exactly a Collision Avoidance System is and what benefits they offer.

Guest Post by Safety Vision – Mobile Video Solutions

Guest Author
Safety Vision

Since 1993, Safety Vision has been a leading global provider of comprehensive collision avoidance and mobile surveillance systems for both public and private sector fleets.  Collision avoidance systems enhance visibility for drivers both on the road and at the work site, minimizing risks and liability by protecting the driver and those around the vehicle.

Collision Avoidance Camera System Monitor
Collision Avoidance Camera System Monitor

Save Lives w/ Increased Visibility

These rear-vision system components include rear-, side-, and forward-view interior and exterior cameras featuring infrared technology, and in-cab monitors.  The purpose of these products is to help drivers have more visibility of what is happening around the vehicle, especially in blind spots, areas where it is too dark, foggy, or dusty to see what is happening, or if some other vehicle or building is obstructing view for the driver.  Safety Vision collision avoidance cameras have saved numerous lives on the road and at the work site.  Often times, drivers may be unaware that someone is standing/working behind their vehicle; the rear-vision systems have prevented many fatalities based upon poor sight when operating a vehicle.

Return on Investment

Safety Vision solutions provide companies their return on investment immediately after purchase.  Rear-vision systems prevent numerous accidents daily, in turn minimizing liability from potential accidents.  In our economy and the world today, it would be a huge risk for companies to not outfit their vehicles with rear-vision systems and/or mobile digital video recorders (MDVRs).  Many lives are lost each year and many more are badly injured from drivers backing up over fellow employees/visitors at work sites.  Prevention is key, why lose a life or have someone injured when there is a tool that will allow these situations to be obviated?

Minimize Liability w/ MDVRs

Safety Vision MDVRs are an additional element for safety and go even further in minimizing liability by providing clear evidence from recorded video during any type of accident or incident. These feature rich recorders have video and audio input for up to 8 cameras. Data from the recorders can be downloaded wirelessly or retrieved manually, along with system health status, vehicle speed and GPS positioning, live-look in, and many other features through the use of Safety Vision’s video-sharing and playback software.

In turn, Safety Vision collision avoidance camera systems are a fleet managers best friend. Budget friendly and feature rich, these rear-vision systems reinforce professional conduct and driver accountability, improve driver safety, performance, and productivity.

For more in-depth information as to how companies are truly saving and benefiting from Safety Vision’s integrated solutions, please visit

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