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In a lot of scenarios, customers use their TVs to display the feed from their HD security cameras As a result, people may want to display videos that come straight from their security cameras to their TVs using an HDMI converter. Some customers do not want to record their surveillance footage. For customers like those, having a live feed is really important.

Many businesses work with customers to make sure that those that want a live feed to appear on their television get to set up that system without any issues. Sometimes they will also make sure that customers can record videos to the DVRs that they own. The HD security cameras mentioned in this video are mostly referring to HD CCTV cameras and HD over coax cameras. The reason being, they can use the same type of coax cables like the RG59 and they also support the 1080p resolution.

There are some issues that arise when trying to connect the cameras to a television though. The first one is using a BNC connector and coax cable to send videos. The second is the video standards they use. How are the video standards an issue you may ask?  Because of the different video standards, HDCVI, HD-TVI, AHD, or HD-SDI, outputs of the camera can not be directly plugged into the HDMI input of the TV. How to get around this issue? Using an HDMI video converter can be used to solve that.

Live Camera Display While Not Recording

How it works:

  1. An RG59 coax cable can be used to connect the HD security camera via HDMI converter to a TV . AHD, HD-SDI, HD-TVI, and HD-CVI cameras are all converted to the HDMI video signal by using one of the HDMI converters. 
  2. The HDMI output that is used by the converter is to be connected to HDMI input used by the monitor.

Live Video TV Display While Using DVR Recording

If you want to record your videos while a live feed is established, you need to use a converter. Is it difficult? No. The reason being most HDMI counters have a video loop output that also has an HDMI output.

HDMI converter

You may be wondering that the system is not that different from when it was only connecting to the TV. You would not be wrong with that assumption. If we were to use an example, we can use HD-TVI cameras connected to an HD-TVI to HDMI converter. One other thing to keep in mind is that the converter also has a BNC video output that can output the same resolution and video format as the input.

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