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When trying to figure out how to install security camera DVRs, a lot of people do not consider the kind of wiring they have. What is the main issue with that? Those kinds of connections require hard wiring and if hardwiring is not present, then the system will not function properly if at all. What can happen is that you run all your RG59 and CAT5 cables from your cameras to a DVR, but then you realize you either don’t have enough wiring or you have no way to get your network cable to this location. Why do you need to hardwire this? Because most CCTV network reorders along with DVRs only have a wired Ethernet port and they do not come with built-in Wi-Fi.

Wireless Network Diagram to Connect DVR to WiFi Router

The diagram in this blog will include connecting CCTV DVR recorder with Wi-Fi but this application will work even with IP cameras that have a network video recorder.


Here is an example:

  • Hard wiring two security cameras with a RG59 Siamese coax cable
  • Having a DVR that has an ethernet port for internet connectivity
  • Hard wiring the DVR to the wireless bridge using the CAT-5 cable
  • Configuring the wireless bridge to a second router via Wi-Fi
  • Connecting the second router to the internet using a DSL or a dedicated fiber

Wireless Bridge

What does it do? A wireless bridge helps two or more networks to communicate with one another over long distances and it does not require any wiring. Can they be in the same building? Yes, it is fine if they are in the same building. However, usually, they are going to be in adjacent buildings instead of the same place. Sometimes, wireless bridges will connect to wired networks by using Ethernet ports. The easiest way to do so would be using a point to multipoint topology. It allows them to share network resources. The main location is called the root bridge and all the data that would have to be sent need to go through the root bridge first.

Wrap Up

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