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Conventional Heat Detector

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  1. GE Security TS7-2T

    Photoelectric 2-Wire Smoke/Heat Detector, Two or four wire head, self-diagnostic, Built-in drift compensation, Intelligent, Low-profile design.

    Model No : TS7-2T
  2. GE Security TX-6010-01-1

    Photoelectric Wireless Smoke/Heat Detector, Self-Diagnostics, Replaceable optical chamber, 2 3V Lithium batteries, Automatic drift compensation, Alarm signal sent to central station

    Model No : TX-6010-01-1
  3. GE Security 562NST

    Wireless Photelectric Sounder Smoke/Heat Detector, 3V Lithium battery operated, Field-replaceable optical chamber, Built-in 85dBa temporal, Built-in drift compensation, Optional built-in heat detection.

    Model No : 562NST
  4. GE Security 281B-PL

    Rate-of-rise/Fixed Temperature Heat Detector, UL listed, Single pole, Pure white finish, Mounting flexibility with screw, Easy twist-on installation.

    Model No : 281B-PL
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4 Item(s)

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