Create Partition for Ubuntu and mounted to Exacq edvr Directory

Recently, I have attempted to install Exacq Server on Ubuntu operating system. In this example, we will attempt to partition, format the partition, create mounting point, and finally map the drive to Exacq Server recording location. We will be using terminal commands to achieve all this. 

Before you create partition, you will need to locate the hard drive location name in the Ubuntu OS. 

1) Create Partition

View detected devices of class “DISK”

$ sudo lshw -C disk

2.View existing partition table(s)

$ sudo fdisk -l

make sure to select the correct partition

In this example, we will create imaginary hard drive location name. We will use sda.

$ sudo fdisk /dev/sda

Within FDISK, press:

Type ‘n’ and press enter key to create new partition. Remaining options, please leave default selections. When you get to the end, you will receive message stating partition was created.

Type w and press enter to write and finalize the partition creation.

2) Format Partition

MKFS is type of hard drive partition used to create a file system of Linux Operating system.

$ sudo mkfs -t ext4 /dev/sda

3) Mounting point

By default, Exacq server choose the OS hard drive as first partition. Since computer, the numbers start at 0, we need to choose different number. We need to create a folder inside recording location, mnt/edvr/, of Exacq Server.

creating the mounting directory

$ sudo mkdir /mnt/edvr/1

After creating directory, you will need to point the formatted partition to the newly created edvr/1. We will mirror /dev/sda to /mnt/edvr/1

$ sudo nano /etc/fstab

$ sudo /dev/sda /mnt/edvr/1 ext4 defaults 0 0

4) restart mount:

$ sudo mount -a

5: restart edvr service, if unable to restart reboot Ubuntu OS

$ sudo service edvrservice restart

In case it fails to restart, simply restart the OS.

$ sudo reboot

Now if you go back and check the Storage, you will the new OS will show up.

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