Darn Spiders! A Client’s Dilemma 2

From time to time I receive correspondence from readers that write in with experiences, tips, and tricks, as well as the occasional question.  The note below is from a client that details a dilemma in which he recently found himself after a DIY install from a competitor.  The situation not only was rather amusing but the solutions he pondered made me flat out grin.

Names have been withheld to protect the innocent, and contrary to how you may feeSpider on Security Cameral on the subject, there were no spiders harmed during the course of this escapade.


Client Note

Hello hope this finds you well. We recently purchased an 8 camera d.v.r. setup.  In my inestimable wisdom and in trying to out-wit the bugs, I enclosed the cameras and put them right uptight against a pane of glass. Now that night has fallen and we were playing with the settings I am getting glare from the infrared lights against the back side of the glass. Have you had anyone else beside me try this trick? Have you any suggestions as to another type of glare free glass? Are there any housings that look like nifty non noticeable birds houses like I have constructed, that are totally enclosed? This so I do not have to send my long suffering wife up a ladder with a rag to wipe the spiders off the lens constantly? Lastly , have you folks thought about a high frequency noise maker option on your power cables to keep the friggin spiders at bay? I will be waiting patiently to see how you get me out of this mess.”

Is it just me or was the actual problem (IR camera behind glass) overlooked all together?!  Does anyone have the number for Orkin® Pest Control to combat those camera-menacing spiders, in order that high frequency noise maker option on power cables doesn’t need to be unleashed??  And finally, why would the WIFE need to be the one climbing the ladder to chase away those friggin spiders?


  1. i need cctv

  2. Thanks. this gave me a chuckle, but it is a real problem. Pesky spiders.

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