Bosch DHR-XS100-A


Bosch DHR-XS100-A divar 700/xf storage expansion kit, 1tb, 32 channels for IP and analog cameras

Regular Price $ 378.88 incl.VATOn sale price $ 322.04 incl.VAT

The Bosch DHR-XS100-A Divar XF is a 1TB storage expansion that supports real-time HD and SD camera recording. It has 32 channels for both analog and IP cameras along with automated IP assignment and management. No need for installers and operators even in the most difficult CCTV application.




  • Real-time HD and SD camera recording
  • 32 channels for IP and analog cameras
  • Automated IP assignment and management
  • Up to 8 TB of internal storage
  • Video synchronized to text sources


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